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This is an open platform for creatives from around the world showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for the world as we know it.

An open letter for the world’s creative forces

The situation that we are facing now is not only a war on a sovereign country but also information warfare, so we invite the world’s creative community to take their biggest weapon – creativity & show the real face of this disastrous invasion for the world to see.

Creatives for Ukraine platform was created to amass digital art and illustrations that can draw attention to a difficult subject matter, help express feelings and share the truth for the world to see. The secondary intent was to create a platform that would allow members of the media, non-profits and other organizations to freely access a selection of creative images depicting the war in Ukraine, allowing them to share illustrations with a wider audience for solely non commercial intentions.

We kindly ask you to submit original illustrations and other We kindly ask you to submit original illustrations and other artworks which respond/visualize/criticize ongoing brutal events in Ukraine. We will collect & share them on the open online platform, so people and media outlets all around the world can use them for free when they need to illustrate the war in Ukraine.

Please keep in mind that although the images should reflect the feelings and creatively depict the situation that is very concerning us — the images that promote the perpetuation of violence will not be posted on the platform.


February 24th, Putin launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. Now, Europe is witnessing its first major war in decades, while Ukrainians alone are fighting for the democratic world as we know it by themselves.


By submitting your work, you agree that it will be open to download and use for free. We are encouraging everyone who will use artwork to use it with the author’s credentials.

IMPORTANT:  Artworks can be used solely for the non-commercial purpose of illustrating the Russian war against Ukraine.